Sandra Rainville, CRIA

CEO & Founder

Agence Cible and On-Target Recruiting


"Because your time is precious, we become expert in optimizing your recruitment process  and in the art of finding the right candidate for you. We love what we do and our motivation is to aim straight and make a difference in people's lives."      


Passionate about recruitment, I have been evoluating in this challenging field of expertise for over 11 years. I am a person who cares for the achievement of results and who likes to help others above all. Each candidate is unique, each employer is unique; This is why it is essential to take the time to know all the features of each one in order to make an optimal recruitment. My primary motivation is to make a difference in people's lives. Recruitment brings to the forefront my natural strengths: communication, analysis, tenacity, listening, research, partnership relationships, business strategies and the deep desire to make things work on a higher level so we acheive the best win-win situation together. I love to think outside the box and I'm always questioning the status quo and dare to try new ways of doing.


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Jordan Ungvarsky

Strategic Recruitier

 On-Target Recruiting


Well rounded, consultative recruiting professional with a combined experience of over 8 years operating within various professional realms including sales professional, robotics, general engineering, IT, working with small to mid-size start-up companies as well as high-level executive fulfillment within international organizations. My success is due to combination of individual experiential gains and the mentor-ship of extremely successful entrepreneurs who helped hone my business intelligence and expertise.  


Creativity, open-mindedness and listening coupled with drive and resilience have revealed the secret of balancing right and left brain thinking to optimize business practices for success and happiness. My personal goal is always building strong partnerships to help identify and acquire top talent using a mixed of new and best practices with proven results. After all, we are in the business of people and making the partnerships strong and beneficial for all parties is the end game.

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